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Image thanks to: “Arcane” by Riot Games
Image thanks to: Official music video, “You are the Hero” by Eason Chan

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to watch Arcane, an excellent animated action-adventure series set in the League of Legends fictional universe. Apart from the highly artistic imagery and conflict-driven storyline, I also enjoyed the opening theme “Enemy” by Imagine Dragons and JID.

Soon after that, I learned that Arcane was recently shown in China, with its Chinese-language title literally meaning “League of Legends: The Battle of Two Cities”. The Chinese edition of the series also has a different opening theme, in Mandarin, which was specifically written to be performed by renowned Hong Kong singer Eason Chan.

The song’s Chinese title – Gu Yong Zhe – literally means “the one who’s alone and fearless”. It is commonly translated as “The Lonely Warrior”, although “The Lone Warrior” is perhaps more appropriate. In the official music video, the song’s English title is “You are the Hero”. The lyrics were written by Tang Tian, a cancer survivor.

Below is my attempted English translation of the song’s beautiful lyrics:


You are the Hero (The Lone Warrior)

Lyrics by Tang Tian

Melody by Qian Lei

Performed by Eason Chan


Fearless to show
Your forehead's wound, your differences, your mistakes
Needless to hide
Your worn-out dolls, your masks, your Self

They say, bear the light and tame the monsters
They say, seal your wounds – clowns aren't loved
Why are you alone, glory denied?
Aren't imperfections worth praising?
Who says those covered in mud aren't heroes?

Love you, lone warrior in dark streets
Love you, refusing ever to kneel
Love you, having confronted desperation
Refusing to cry

Love you, in tattered clothes
Daring to block Destiny's guns
Love you, we're so alike
Sharing the same defects

Shall we? Can we? Wear this ragged hero's cape
We fight? We fight! Offer the meekest of dreams
To the weeping and roaring in the dark
Who says only those standing in light are heroes?

They say, cease madness like erasing stains
They say, bow your head and mount the steps
Then forbid me from riding the wind
You remain proud, alone and fearless
Who says those defying normalcy aren't heroes?

Your flaws, so unique
Your silence, so deafening

Love you, lone warrior in dark streets
Love you, refusing ever to kneel
Love you, having confronted desperation
Refusing to cry (You are the hero)

Love you, rising from the wilderness
Your life, borrowing nobody's light
You're destined to raise your city
from the ruins (You are the hero)

Should we? We should! With the meekest of dreams
We fight? We fight! Offer our most sacred dreams
To the weeping and roaring in the dark
Who says only those standing in light are heroes?


都 是勇敢的
你額頭的傷口 你的 不同 你犯的錯
都 不必隱藏
你破舊的玩偶 你的 面具 你的自我

他們說 要帶著光 馴服每一頭怪獸
他們說 要縫好你的傷 沒有人愛小丑
為何孤獨 不可 光榮
人只有不完美 值得歌頌




他們說 要戒了你的狂 就像擦掉了污垢
他們說 要順台階而上 而代價是低頭
那就讓我 不可 乘風
你一樣驕傲著 那種孤勇

你的斑駁 與眾不同
你的沈默 震耳欲聾 You Are The Hero

不肯哭一場 (You Are The Hero)




Note: For a different but equally beautiful interpretation of Eason Chan’s “You are the Hero”, please see HERE.

Also Note: Thanks to S and S for their assistance in the translation process.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Whisper
    Mar 20, 2022 @ 13:11:08

    I never knew that this song was used for Arcane’s Chinese theme song, that’s so interesting! I wanted to know more about the English lyrics after listening to 张韶涵 and 苏见信 cover ( I think you had a nice interpretation! I recommend the cover, I loved the song after 张韶涵 sang “去嗎?配嗎?” in such a high key


  2. Christine Yunn-Yu Sun
    Mar 20, 2022 @ 22:00:16

    Hello Whisper, Thank you so much for recommending this cover! I really enjoy it – it is truly 别有一番风味. So glad that you like my interpretation of the song. I love Arcane, and I love the story behind the lyrics – how the artist managed to defeat cancer and bravely confronted life. I think 陈奕迅 as well as everyone else is inspired by it.


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