Poem “Four Corners” published by Australian Poetry Journal (@AusPoetry)


I am very happy to report that my poem, “Four Corners”, was published by the Australian Poetry Journal 7.2.

Published with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts, this issue was guest-edited by Benjamin Laird and Cassandra Atherton. Benjamin is a poet and computer programmer who writes print and electronic poems. Cassandra is a prose poet, academic and critic.

They wrote an introduction on the provocation of the theme, this single word – WORK – and the multiplicity of poetic responses to it: “We are reminded in putting this volume together that the intersection between ‘work’ and ‘poetry’ is, itself, a work in progress, and one that continues to build momentum.”

I am very grateful for Jacinta Le Plastrier, writer, editor, publisher and a wonderful poet herself, for her generous support. Please consider subscribing to the Australian Poetry Journal here, or purchase a copy of Volume 7.2 here.




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