Melbourne: My City of Literature



Walking my beloved city

in rain…

Gothic temptation bears the blame.

A rusty girl blows her horn

in an ancient arcade

where crowds spin a wheel

waiting for hope.


Lighting a silent candle,

a sigh…

a superstition that’s rather benign.

Outside a high-rise bands perform,

observed by birds and gods

nodding their approval

while feeding.


Writing some sacred words,

a story…

magic to rebirth pain as mercy.

Peace reigns over crowds

chanting, channeling, championing

love for outsiders

inside our hearts.


Booking a trip to heaven,

a task…

pages of souls to take wing.

Lucky we have a map

through golden words for warmth

in a library of trees

as salvation.


Image thanks to: “A new chapter for book lovers: Melbourne – Where literature comes to life“.


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