Notes 2016.07.06 – “Chance Encounter: An Interactive Novel” Reading @wheelercentre



My 10-week Hod Desk Fellowship is coming to an end. Today I sorted out various things at the Wheeler Centre and was delighted to see the web page that announces the forthcoming “Next Big Thing: Hot Desk Edition (July 2016)“. Here is the blurb:

“Find it hard to keep up with The Next Big Thing in books and writing? We’re here to help. The Next Big Thing is all about showcasing exciting new writers – those we believe are ones to watch. This is a golden opportunity to discover the work of writers hand-picked by us, in the cosy surrounds of The Moat, where you can enjoy a drink and a bite as you’re entertained and enlightened. These are the literary stars of tomorrow. Come and hear from them today.”

So, in short, I will be reading a section of “Chance Encounter” at 6pm on July 12, which will be a Tuesday. I was told it will be a “nice and intimate” occasion. Mmmm.

You can find a short introduction to “Chance Encounter: An Interactive Novel” here. I will be reading one of the 8 Chapter Fours. Kindly join me if you can.


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