2013 Chinese eBook Cover Design Contest: First Prize: You’re a Genius!


2013 Chinese eBook Cover Design Contest: First Prize: You’re a Genius!

The Basics:

About This Book: A response to the needs of all Chinese students, this valuable bilingual book provides help with all aspects of the learning process, including ways to improve your memory, boost confidence, deal with pressure, prepare well for exams and increase energy. Readers will realize, as they read this book, that the aim is much broader than to just help them pass exams. These are skills for a lifetime of learning.

About This Author: Linda Sands currently lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has a passion for teaching self-improvement techniques and giving people tools to assist them on their personal journeys. Linda understands that there is a unique and enormous potential in each and every one of us. She channels her enthusiasm into her trainings and writing and enjoys inspiring people to create the very best for themselves, in every area of their lives.

In 2002, Linda came to China for the first time. She felt touched by the way Chinese students work so diligently to achieve their educational goals. Over the following years of her interactions with Chinese students, she learned about their hopes and also their many concerns regarding doing well at school. You’re a Genius! is dedicated to all students in the Chinese world.

To know more about Linda’s views on writing and creativity, please see eBook Dynasty July 2013 Resident Writer Q & A.

Cover Design Ideas and Development Process:

From “You’re a Genius!: The Evolving Book Cover” by Linda Sands:


Cover Number One: My first attempt at a cover for the course “Mastering the Art of Study” that You’re a Genius! is based on.


Cover Number 2: I had the idea and my friend Emma drew it for me. I was now turning this course into a book. Kirsten, my Chinese translator, suggested I choose a different title for it.


Cover Number 3: I still like this cover with Albert Einstein. But once I had the Chinese translation on it (Cover Number 4 – not shown), it looked too messy.


Cover Number 5 (in Simplified Chinese): I wanted something simple and professional-looking, and since it was going to be an ebook, it could also be in color. I used one of my brain drawings and tried all sorts of effects until I arrived at this one.

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