2013 Chinese eBook Cover Design Contest: Winners Announced



July 31, 2013: The 2013 Chinese eBook Cover Design Contest, organized by eBook Dynasty, is now successfully concluded. Thank you all for your passionate support! This year we have 33 contestants. Those participating in the month-long online voting have chosen the winners of the First, Second and Third Prizes. We have a clear runner-up and, after that, two Chinese ebooks tied for the spot of the second-runner up. i.e. There are six winners in total.

Starting from today, we will introduce all six winners, the amount of votes they received, their prizes, and details of the stories behind their cover designs. Thank you again for your support. We will see you again in 2014!

(Christine’s Note:

This post was meant to be published on July 31, but due to some browser problem, I was not able to insert any image. And what kind of post about a cover design contest would it be, if there is no image shown anywhere?

I often wonder how our creative process is hindered by technology — our writing, our thinking, the way we look at the world, the way we are seen by the world, etc. This recent problem, of not being able to upload any image to a fairly trustworthy blogging platform simply because one browser sets out to work against another browser, shows how such hinderance can affect even the most ordinary of daily lives.)

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