A 9-year-old’s school camp report: An Acrostic Poem


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.38.06 PM

Golden light cast over immense hills in the distance as the sun slowly drifted into the centre of the sky.

On the first day of a mystical adventure ahead, Sunshine’s soft silky fur shone in the morning sun.

Laughing echoed through the girls’ cozy bunkroom as they sent out spies to get revenge on the boys for knick-knocking.

Damp and cold, I dashed across the long, wet halls to get my favourite book to enjoy.

Everyone was nearly bursting with excitement as we entered the luxurious-looking camp.

Nothing escaped the cold, merciless wind as it roared across the grasslands.


Viewing the diverse landscape was a dream come true. I wish someday I could once again visit Andrea’s place.

Adventurous wisps of wisdom flowed through me when we walked the enormous bush walk, knowing if I stopped, I wouldn’t get started again.

Loud rain sounded on the thin sheet of metal covering the hardwood roof, while all of us snuggled up watching a happy movie.

La-La-La-La…” Arghh, the agonising sound of people screaming in the shower. ARGHH.

Entities: Unknown. Origin; Earth.” I giggled as I pretended to be an alien detective from the movies.

Yelling, screaming, talking – argh. I JUST WANT MY BEAUTY SLEEP!

Silver light this time. The sun went back to its cozy bed, and the moon rose into the sky, showing it was time to get some “shut-eye”.


Large portions of dark clouds drifted over the winter sun, making tiny drops of water fall from the sky.

Odd,” I remarked. “The compass keeps telling us to — oh, there’s the box,” Cadence said. We both laughed.

Doves!” I called, as elegant white birds fluttered past.

Green grass soft below my feet as I slowly walked towards a kangaroo, but it scampered away before I could touch its red fur.

Equal amounts of people have to be on both sides,” Mr Scanlon said as he pointed to a bit of the obstacle course.


Image: Campsite Activities – Individual Challenges, Golden Valleys Lodge, Flinders, Victoria, Australia.



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  1. gvt44gg
    Aug 20, 2016 @ 11:14:10

    hi this is sophies friend alana lepp i just wanted to look you up


  2. Christine Sun
    Aug 20, 2016 @ 13:15:56

    Hi Alana, Yep, I am Sophie’s mum. You found me. 🙂


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