“Facebook from Five Thousand Feet” promoted as ebook

Facebook from Five Thousand Feet

On my website, eBook Dynasty, I often promote good ebooks. I have learned from experience that the upper-right corner of any web page is the most prominent spot. This is where I put those (Chinese) ebooks worthy of promoting.

Facebook from Five Thousand Feet: A visual mapping from conceptual model to ground-level graph api data, by Steve Goschnick, is one such fine ebook. The ebook is currently sold via Apple iBookstore, with a Data Chart to be promoted via my website

Facebook from Five Thousand Feet presents an inferred conceptual Data Model of the Facebook platform as a way-finding map of what has become an extensive system. The visual data model is of the various facets of Facebook — Groups, Events, Messages, Pages, Apps and so forth — and mapped down tot he descriptive level of the individual data fields as publicly documented in the Graph API 2.0.

While filling such a visual gap is particularly useful for app developers, it is an approach open to every reader who wants a better understanding of the four corners of the Facebook platform and what it has to offer, beyond one’s current usage. A spin-off benefit of the visual approach is that it also provides an effortless introduction to Data Modeling, around a subject domain (i.e. Facebook) that just about everyone on the planet is familiar with to some degree.

The author, Steve Goschnick, is an educator and a problem solver in Information Systems. He has over 30 years of experience in information modelling, database design and application analysis, design and development. In 2003, he developed the then new Masters level subject Information Modeling and Database Design, teaching and refining it over the next 10 years at the University of Melbourne.

Steve holds a degree in Engineering, a Masters degree in Computing and has researched an information modeling related topic (Software Agent meta-models) for a PhD — the thesis to be submitted in 2015. In an ongoing quest to help making computers and the creation of apps more accessible to everyone, he founded the International Journal of People-Oriented Programming in 2011, of which he remains Co-Editor-in-Ehief with long-time colleague Professor Leon Sterling.

By helping to promote Facebook from Five Thousand Feet, I hope more authors will explore the opportunity of publishing in multiple platforms, formats and languages. We live in an amazing publishing world, in which you can fully utilize your potentials and have your voice heard. I look forward to seeing your book being published, too.

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