#BookTube “Voices under the Sun” Episode 3: “Homecoming”, with ENG SUB


Last night I published the third episode of my BookTube series “Voices under the Sun”. The theme of this episode is “Homecoming”. You can watch it HERE.

This episode begins with a song titled “Return to Your Land” from the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. I then talk about a series of Chinese writings on the theme of “homecoming”, including two classic poems by Tang Dynasty poets He Zhizhang (659-744) and Wang Wei (699-761), and two contemporary poems by Taiwanese poets Yu Guangzhong (1928-2017) and Xi Murong (1943- ).

I proceed to introduce Chinese Australian author James Chang’s autobiographical fiction Dad in the Mirror (2009) and his wife Julie T. Hsia’s books of reportage literature Brothers in Australia (1989), Where the Kangaroos Hop (1992), and Strangers in a Strange Land (1991). I conclude the episode with a detailed analysis of Chinese Australian author Li Cunxin’s Mao’s Last Dancer (2003).

I wanted to talk about some “homecoming” books by non-Chinese Australian authors as well, but ran out of time. These will be discussed in the episode next week.

Finally, my apologies that this episode arrived late. But here’s some good news: I am currently in the process of publishing the transcripts of all my episodes as zines in English and Chinese. As soon as these pocket-sized publications become available for order, I will let you know. Below is a preview.

Updated June 23, 2019: You can find an English transcript of this episode, in the form of a 24-page zine, here.



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