April 27: Traveller (#NaPoWriMo #NaPoWriMo2020 #GloPoWriMo #Poetry)



I follow you, from snowy deciduous forests

to lands of aurora and long white clouds,

your voice sometimes cynical, more often

studious yet remote, a tramper never content

with here and now. And yourself, collecting

loneliness disguised as solitude and milage,

bleeding at yesterday’s horizons while picking

on true and false scabs of tomorrow. Inspiring

though it is, return becomes dreadful like dying

as an end, unfulfilled, unfinished, unexplained

with vivid premonitions, fantastical prophecies

self-inflicted, wounds that never heal. Money

affords flights, friends and freedom but you

only hope for poverty, burdened by dreams.

I follow you, from corn nachos half-melted

over fried kidney beans to pages splashed

with worlds and visions still to be formatted.


(Image: “How Traveling Alone Changes You“, Nomadsworld.com)


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