April 26: Letter (#NaPoWriMo #NaPoWriMo2020 #GloPoWriMo #Poetry)



Seeing the end coming, I am writing

in this book, from my page to yours.

Know that in my mind, you will be

safe and content, a future full of trees,

ageless seawater breathing in and out

echoing the bright moonlight. Every

footprint and shadow left behind,

clouds gazed upon, birds seen and fed,

poems read aloud, road signs dutifully

noted and obeyed, marks my presence,

stories shared that are meant to last but

lost in songs written and forgotten.

These are your heritage, legacy of

generations of dreaming, daring youth

fighting for what is yet to take shape

in their eyes, blades of grass standing

tall and proud in front yards decorated

with rows of blood red poppies. Lest

we forget the bygone nights and the days

to come, among empty chairs and tables

stained with love for words and music.


(Image: “Poppy Red honours our dead on Remembrance Day“, EternityNews.com.au)


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