Australian Women Writers Challenge Round Up: August 2017 General Fiction (#AWW2017)


My round up for general fiction in August was published earlier today on the Australian Women Writers Challenge blog. I began by encouraging all reviewers to hang in there and help to make a difference:

“With so many new books being published every month – and so many interesting titles already on our TBR lists – how can common/constant readers like us help to promote our favourite Australian women writers? The answer is simple: Keep doing what we do, because each and every one of us can make a difference by reading, reviewing and recommending our beloved books and authors.

Life gets horribly busy and we all feel exhausted from time to time. However, nothing can comfort our souls and inspire a sense of peace and purpose in our hearts like a good book does. Take a break when you need to – but don’t give up! Reading is as much a rewarding mental exercise as it is challenging!”

Before this round up was published, I got a chance to insert the winner of this year’s Miles Franklin Literary Award — Western Australian author Josephine Wilson’s 2016 novel Extinctions. This book also won the 2015 Dorothy Hewett Award for an Unpublished Manuscript, and I am glad to have picked one of its many reviews back in February. Please locate this book in your library and have a good read!

You can read my round up here.

Note: Thanks to Theresa for her kind support.



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