Book Review: “From the Wreck” by Jane Rawson (@transitlounge2 @WesterlyMag #AWW2017)


Earlier this year I had a chance to review Australian author Jane Rawson’s From the Wreck for the Westerly Magazine. Established in 1956 and supported by distinguished institutions such as the University of Western Australia, the WA State Government’s Department of Cultural and the Arts, the Australian Council for the Arts and the Copyright Agency, the magazine “covers literature and culture throughout the world, but maintains a special emphasis on Australia, particularly Western Australia, and the Asian region”.

From the Wreck, published by Transit Lounge in March 2017, was Rawson’s second novel. In my review, I describe this book as “a piece of science fiction, not just because one of its protagonists is a creature from ‘another plane of existence’, but also because the story well illustrates the sense of perpetual loneliness that we often feel as living creatures in this universe”. Furthermore,

The most brilliant character [in this book] is certainly the alien, who murmurs and shape-shifts and survives first as a woman and then as a cat, before attaching itself to Henry, [the human protagonist] George’s son, and taking over the boy’s mind and body whenever necessary. The partnership between the alien and the child works perfectly. Both observe this rather old world from brand new perspectives and with unique ideas and ideals, while trying so desperately to fit in and be accepted by those that are already there before their arrival.

You can read my full review of Jane Rawson’s From the Wreck HERE via the Westerly Magazine. More information about this book can be found here on the author’s website.


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