Sometimes you just need more than words… An inspiring ad


I often admire those who have done better than me. But sometimes people are so awesome, so inspiring, that all you want is to work harder, do better, achieve more, so that you can realise your own dreams.

You may have seen the following ad before. If yes, please pardon me for repeating it here. If not, I hope it can inspire you to excel.

Thanks to the Gruen show (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) for sharing this ad. All credits are to the talented folks in Western Sydney University for producing it. You can also view the ad and all the comments here on YouTube.



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  1. Laurel Decher
    Dec 01, 2015 @ 08:22:31

    I’m inspired by this amazing story of overcoming incredible challenges. It’s humbling to read stories about people of character. Thanks for sharing this!


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