Independent Publishing & Australia’s Writers with Chinese Ancestry: My recent piece on The Victorian Writer Magazine (@Writers_Vic)



Writers Victoria, located at the heart of Melbourne as a UNESCO City of Literature, is all about supporting and connecting all types of writers at all stages of their writing careers. Established in 1989, the vibrant literary organisation provides not only courses, workshops, mentorships and manuscript assessments, but also inspiration, information and advice about writing and the writing life in general.

Throughout the years, I have attended many events organised by Writers Victoria. However, thanks to their Diverse Writers China initiative, this is the first time I got to write for their The Victorian Writer magazine. Supported by the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund and Melbourne’s UNESCO City of Literature Office, the D-Writers China program aims to “provide skills development, profile and commission opportunities for contemporary Chinese-Australian writers”, and to “benefit the broader literary sector in Melbourne and beyond by uncovering a cohort of previously marginalised Australian voices and stories”.

I was commissioned to write a piece titled “Independent Publishing and Australia’s Writers with Chinese Ancestry”, which was published in the November 2015 issue of The Victorian Writer. Publishing 10 issues per year, the magazine generally covers “news and views from the writing world, in-depth articles on all aspects of writing and publishing, information on what’s going on at Writers Victoria, and new fiction from Writers Victoria members”.

While I cannot provide a link to my article as a print publication, I can tell you that this issue of The Victorian Writer is all about strategies to keep you healthy — both mentally and physically — as a writer. It also provides practical tips for those looking to start writing articles with a health focus. Most importantly, it only costs 7.95 Australian dollars to purchase a copy! (Details on how to order can be seen here.) Those of you outside of Australia — please contact me so I can buy a copy for you!

Alternatively — please pardon the self-promotion — as my article is a (heavily) condensed version of my book Voices under the Sun: English-Language Writings by Australian and Other Authors with Chinese Ancestry, you can buy a copy of my book instead! (Details on how to order are listed here.) I can assure you, it does not read as academic as it looks!



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