Best #MothersDay Present (An example of persuasive writing by a 9-year-old)



Number One Mum!

I guarantee that any mum is definitely the best, most awesome mum in the world. Here are some of the millions of reasons why she is the best:

Firstly, my mum is the best mum because she loves me. You think most mums love their children, of course, but no mum loves more than my mum. She cuddles me like I’m a Teddy Bear and she kisses me like an angel.

Secondly, my mum is the best mum because she cares for me. My mum is definitely the most caring mum in the world by far. She is ALWAYS there for me and will never let me down, and I won’t, either.

Finally, my mum is the best mum because she will always help me. She helps me with my homework, teaches me how to cook, she supports me. Yep, you name it, she does all these things, and I could just sit here for the rest of eternity telling you even more reasons.

This is why my mu is by far the best mum in the world.


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