#MWF15 Melbourne Writers Festival (2) – Quoting Valerie Khoo (@valeriekhoo)



Ms Valerie Khoo is Director of the Australian Writers’ Centre (@WritersCentreAU). In a recent letter to members, she gives a wonderful introduction to the Melbourne Writers Festival (@MelbWritersFest), which opens TODAY:

“It’s Melbourne Writers Festival time – in fact, the program kicks off today and runs until 30 August. If you’re able to get along and check it out, I seriously recommend it…. Not only is it a chance to see and hear some great writers and personalities, it’s also an excellent place to network with other fans of this wonderful wordy world.

“The best thing about these kinds of festivals is the sheer scope of topics that are covered. At #MWF15, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from everyone – influential bloggers, publishing agents, Nobel prize winners[, etc.] It’s an event full of discussions, performances, storytelling, music, art and so much more.

“This is, after all, Melbourne. And if there’s one thing Melbourne does incredibly well (besides coffee, sport and Instagram-friendly street scenes), then it’s the arts. The slogan for this year’s festival is ‘For everyone who reads’ – and having made it to the third paragraph of this newsletter, you’ve already qualified!

“To quote their website, this year they’ll be exploring “the hottest topical issues from politics and pop culture, travel and TV, science and gender.” And with more than 500 events and 500 writers, I don’t doubt it.

“So be sure to check out the festival website – and even if you live nowhere near Melbourne, simply exploring the program and the wealth of talent on offer may just inspire your next writing session!”

Enjoy the feast



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