2013 Chinese eBook Cover Design Contest: Second Runner-Up (2 of 2): The Corner


2013 Chinese eBook Cover Design Contest: Second Runner-Up (2 of 2): The Corner

The Basics:

About This Book:

Oligarchy, “a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people” (Wikipedia)… This is a world created by Chinese writer Mu Xiaotou, in which no one can escape from the horror and lies created by The Holy Cult. It is the story of seven brave men and women who dare to challenge the dominance of one strong leader. It is a tale created as a comment on an era — or perhaps on a country — that may or may not exist. You, dear reader, will choose whether you want to believe it.

About This Author:

I am Mu Xiaotou. I am not very well educated, but I have had some education. I was born in 1990, the best and the worst time of our history. I laugh and eat a lot, and I am a relatively good cook. I started writing in 2008, and I have been blogging everyday to record my life experiences and those of our country. My lifelong dream is to witness, before I die, the arrival of that day, and I have been working hard to achieve that goal.

Cover Design Ideas and Development Process:

“Infographic: Cover Design of The Corner” by Mu Xiaotou:


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