Publishing advice for 6-year-olds

KidPublishingI recently saw this in a primary school, in a classroom for kids in grades one and two, who are mostly six or seven years old. The question asked is, “I have finished writing and I want to publish. What do I do?”

Well, the answer given is simple, straightforward, and very much to the point. I have copied it word-by-word here to share with everyone:

1. Read your writing and see if it makes sense.

2. Are you happy with your title?

3. Read your story to your writing partner. Does it make sense to them?

4. Look at your opening. Is it interesting?

5. Does your ending seem right? Check.

6. Check your spelling. Look carefully.

7. Check for capital letters and full stops.

8. Do you need to add more interesting words or swap some?

9. Put your name down for a conference.

10. Work on another piece of writing while you wait.

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  1. meganorlowskirussell
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 17:30:31

    Amazing advice for every age!


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