Australian Women Writers Challenge Round Up: April 2017 General Fiction (#AWW2017)


My round up for general fiction in April was published yesterday on the Australian Women Writers Challenge blog. It begins with these two observations:

In April we had 94 reviews of 76 books by 72 authors. I cannot help but notice an interesting contrast – while Lisa Ireland received four reviews for one of her books, Liane Moriarty received four reviews for four of her books. Clearly, author popularity can be measured in many different ways.

Equally fascinating is the fact that three of the books reviewed in April have titles relating to “us”, i.e. The Song of Us, The Shape of Us, and The Missing Pieces of Us. What other book titles can you think of that focus on one or another unique aspect of “us”?

You can read the whole article here.

Note: Thanks to Elizabeth and Katt for their kind support.


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