Book Review: “Seeing the Elephant” by Portland Jones (@MargRiverPress @WesterlyMag #AWW2016)



Earlier this year I had a chance to review Western Australian author Portland Jones’ Seeing the Elephant for the Westerly Magazine. Established in 1956 and supported by distinguished institutions such as the University of Western Australia, the WA State Government’s Department of Cultural and the Arts, the Australian Council for the Arts and the Copyright Agency, the magazine “covers literature and culture throughout the world, but maintains a special emphasis on Australia, particularly Western Australia, and the Asian region”.

Seeing the Elephant, published by Margaret River Press, was launched at the Perth Writers Festival in February 2016. In my review, I praise the book as being “a brilliant example on how women can create wonderful stories of not only friendship between men but their complex, conflicted emotions about such traditionally male-dominated activities as war”.

You can read my full review of Portland Jones’ Seeing the Elephant HERE via the Westerly Magazine. While you are there, please consider subscribing to this excellent Australian literary journal.


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