Statement of Support for eBook Dynasty, nominee, Victoria’s #MulticulturalAwards for Excellence


Christine Sun, manager of eBook Dynasty, and Steve Goschnick, managing director of Solid Software Pty Ltd (of which eBook Dynasty is an imprint), with Governor of Victoria, the Honourable Linda Dessau AM, at Government House.

Christine Sun (right), manager of eBook Dynasty, and Steve Goschnick (left), managing director of Solid Software Pty Ltd (of which eBook Dynasty is an imprint), with Governor of Victoria, the Honourable Linda Dessau AM (middle), at Government House, December 3, 2015.


Submitted to the Victorian Multicultural Commission on September 11, 2015:

I, Christine Yunn-Yu Sun, Manager of eBook Dynasty, an imprint of Solid Software Pty Ltd, hereby nominate my own private business organisation for the “Victorian Multicultural Marketing Award” category of the Victorian Multicultural Business Award.

(1) Using innovative marketing and communications strategies to engage multicultural audiences in the Victorian community with our services and products – Established in June 2012, eBook Dynasty is the only publisher of Chinese (e)books outside the Chinese World (i.e. China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and other Chinese communities across the world). Based in Melbourne, Victoria, we help all English-language authors, agents and publishers to translate, publish and promote their titles in Chinese in multiple digital formats and in print. To cater for authors and readers worldwide, our website ( features three portals in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English. We also promote our services and products in these three languages.

(2) Using the awareness and reach of our brand/reputation to promote the benefits of cultural diversity, harmony and citizenship to the Victorian community – eBook Dynasty strives to promote diversity in publishing and reading. We honour and safeguard the intellectual property rights of both established and emerging authors, and dedicate ourselves to finding new and existing literary voices from a wide range of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. In contrast to many publishers within and outside the Chinese World who adopt commercial potential and political correctness as primary criteria in their selection of titles for publishing, we believe every writer has a unique voice and all voices deserve to be heard. We believe no censorship should be applied to anyone’s writing unless their depiction of sex and/or violence is beyond community norms.

(3) Using a multilingual workforce to engage the diverse Victorian community – eBook Dynasty has a team of professional translators providing faithful, fluent and graceful translation between English and Chinese (including both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese) languages. We engage with authors and readers not only in Victoria, but also in Australia’s other states and many other nations around the world.

As of the writing of this statement, eBook Dynasty has promoted the following Australian authors and their titles: Ann Clancy (South Australia), Chris Womersley (Victoria), Christine Sun (Taiwan-Victoria), Claire Scobie (New South Wales), Clive Hamilton (ACT), Edgar Bailitis (New South Wales), Gay Ffrench Petherick (disabled, Queensland), Janine Shepherd (disabled, New South Wales), Joan Brien (Queensland), Kaye Dobbie (Victoria), Ken Oldis (Victoria), Len Kloosman (South Africa-New South Wales), Lotte Landl (Austria-Queensland), Pasene Tauialo (Samoa-New South Wales), Peter Carnall (Western Australia), Qin Zhongzheng (Taiwan-Victoria), Simone Lazaroo (Western Australia), Steve Goschnick (Victoria), Sunflower (Taiwan-Victoria), and Su Ya (Taiwan-Victoria).

As of the writing of this statement, eBook Dynasty has promoted the following international authors and their titles: Alison Wong (Chinese-New Zealand), Andre San Thomas (U.S.), Asmod (Taiwan), Ben Ho (Chinese-Canada), Benny Chi (Taiwan), C.Y. Chen (Taiwan), Colin Wraight (U.K.), Daisy Chang (Chinese-Canada), Dorothy Zemach (U.S.), Duan Jianhua (Chinese-U.S.), Erik Chu (Taiwan), Fang Yi-Jun (Taiwan), Joel Lloyd (Taiwan), Freddy Hsiao (Taiwan), Huang Wenhai (Taiwan), Huang Zheng (Taiwan), Jen Minkman (Holland), Jerry Kroth (U.S.), Jessica Shaver Renshaw (U.S.), Jia Qing Yang (Chinese-U.S.), Ji Dongtian (Chinese-U.S.), Jonathan Collins (New Zealand), Justus Nnakwe (U.S.), Kaman (Canada), K.C. Remington (U.S.), Keith Parker (U.S.), Lau Teng Hoon (Malaysia), Leon (Taiwan-New Zealand-U.K.), Lin Chuju (Hong Kong), Linda Petersen (mother of disabled kids, U.S.), Linda Sands (New Zealand), Man Lin (Chinese-New Zealand), Mark Reutlinger (U.S.), Morsh So (Taiwan), A Mortal with Thinkings (China), Mu Xiaotou (China), Netanel Semrik (Israel), Niu Huang (Chinese-Canada), Ormolu Mockingbird (U.K.), Pavel V. Kim (Kazakhstan), Randy Alcorn (U.S.), Ricardo Sosapavon (Mexico-U.S.), Richard Bolstad (New Zealand), Rob Rienow (U.S.), Simos Symeonides (Greece-U.S.), S.K. Chang (Taiwan-U.S.), TianXingZhe (Singapore), Tom eMusic (U.S.), Tracy Yu (Taiwan-U.S.), Mr U.S. Fengshui (Chinese-U.S.), Wu Yilong (China), Yang Qiang (Chinese-U.S.), Yi Hong (China), Yilian Feng (Taiwan), Zhong Hui-Yu (Taiwan), Zi Ming (China), and Zi Xin (China).

As of the writing of this statement, eBook Dynasty has established collaborative relationships with the following Australian and international agencies and publishers: Personhood Press (U.S.), Red Lily (Australia), Selwa Anthony Author Management Agency (Australia), Tom eMusic (U.S.), Randall House (U.S.), Tyndale House Publishing/Focus on the Family (U.S.), BookPal (Australia), Wayzgoose Press (U.S.), Seriously Good Books (U.K.), and Contento International Publishing House (Israel).

At present, eBook Dynasty is a Partner Member and the China Ambassador of the Alliance of Independent Authors. We will continue to promote publishing and reading in multiple formats, for authors and readers of diverse linguistic, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, in digital and print formats, well into the future.

Forthcoming: eBook Dynasty in dialogue with the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

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