Self-Publishing and Translation in China #selfpub #selfpublishing #indiepub



Following my previous article on the story of Fiberead, I have now written for the Alliance of Independent Authors (@IndieAuthorALLI), “a general introduction to the Chinese market for self-published authors and their books, including a helpful case study of Dutch author Jen Minkman’s work in Chinese translation”.

The article can be viewed here. I provided an overview of the Chinese Market, including how people are reading their digital content, the average acceptable price for an ebook, and issues of concern when/if independent authors want to go there. In her interview with me, Jen talked about her experience of publishing in the Chinese World via eBook Dynasty, Douban Read and Fiberead. The covers for her books (some designed by herself) are quite amazing.

I hope you enjoy the article. Please also keep an eye out for my forthcoming article on the pros and cons of crowdsourcing translation.


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  1. Jean Reinhardt
    Oct 26, 2015 @ 22:48:33

    Your site is so helpful, thanks for all the enlightening information and links. I’m going to reblog some of your posts if that’s okay.


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