Narrative Writing Plan by a 7-year-old named Sophie


In the beginning, there are characters and the setting, and the middle is the problem, and the end is the solution. You need to have the title and who it is by, and it is a narrative. You just need to fill in the characters, like who they are and where the setting is, and what the problem is, and what the solution is. If you just go like there is deep magic that solves everything, you have to say HOW it solves everything. So if you have a monster in the story, you need to have a dash and tell its name, or you can have a dash and say it’s a monster. And it’s like you have to describe the setting a little bit, all the characters, you have its name and what it’s like, it can be a rabbit or a monster, or it can be a human. That is basically it. After that you do the writing. You actually write the story.

It’s a narrative. It’s not a procedure. It’s not a report. It’s not a poem.

Then you can get another piece of paper and start writing the whole thing. Like you can draw the pictures and start publishing. You could type it up on the computer, or you could do it by hand and use paint. And then you can sell it.

There are six steps, which is the plan.

  • Plan
  • Draft writing (where you write the story, it’s a rough copy)
  • Revising (like adding extra words and putting in information. You do it in green.)
  • Editing (underlining what you spell wrong, check the dictionary and search them up. You do it in red.)
  • Teacher conference (you tell someone that’s good, like a teacher. They can correct it for you. They have their own pencil to correct it.)
  • Publishing (you do your good copy, where you can draw pictures, and you can write it on the computer and publish it there)

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