Can you guess the meaning of this? (Hint: Australian English)


In my writing yesterday (“Secrets of an Interpreter [3]), about the importance of cultural knowledge in interpretation and/or translation process, I neglected to mention an example given by the instructor of my “Insight into Interpreting Theory & Practice” workshop. For those readers who are NOT rom Australia, can you guess what the following sentence means?

“He can’t even run a chook raffle in the pub!”

If that is relatively easy, then here is a tough paragraph I saw on a box of icy poles several years ago. Try deciphering THIS:

“So I’m standin’ there in me BAG ‘O’ FRUIT fresh from STEAK ‘N’ KIDNEY ready to hit the FROG ‘N’ TOAD with the BILLY LIDS when me TROUBLE ‘N’ STRIFE starts givin’ me lip about not havin’ a DAD ‘N’ DAVE. Don’t worry sez me CHINA PLATE, ave a CAPTAIN COOK at ya NED KELLY hangin’ out! I gave up, scoffed down a DOG’S EYE and head off down the RUBBITY DUB!”

Image thanks to: “Australia”, Australia Chapter, Percussive Arts Society.

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