A quote about children’s books

I am not into using other people’s words to fill my own blog. However, occasionally there will be someone saying something that is truly fascinating and wise that I feel the need to quote it. Since the quote is often too long to be presented by Twitter, giving it full presence in a blog appears to be a good idea.

Please, remember this quote is from someone’s writing that is truly wroth reading. Go and check it out because it will broaden your horizons and brighten your day. Enjoy.



Quoted from “Once Upon a Time” by Paula Marantz Cohen as she introduces “The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter” exhibit at the New York Public Library through to March 23, 2014. The article can be seen here on “The Smart Set” from Drexel University.

“Children’s books are like movies insofar as they rely so heavily on the visual, their illustrations moving us through time and affecting us more emotionally than intellectually. And if movies transport us to another place connected to memory and imagination, these books do that, too. They transported us as children, when we were more easily dazzled and capable of suspending our disbelief, and they transport us now by taking us back to the space of childhood when our sense of wonder was fresh and unmediated.”

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  1. meganorussell
    Oct 30, 2013 @ 12:51:58

    I love childrens books. Innocence at it’s best.


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