I Heard Her Sing (For Charlotte)



I Heard Her Sing (For Charlotte)


I heard her sing, like a pen

Dancing across the pages of time:

It tweets, turns and twirls, it twinkles

Like a bird, soaring into the sky

Its wings carrying my hope.


I heard her sing, like a leaf

Sleeping through the deepest winter night:

It startles, sighs and stretches, it smiles

Like a baby, resting in my arms

Its pulse echoing my heart.


I heard her sing, like a feather

Tickling my darkest midnight dream:

It breathes, blinks and blooms, it believes

Like a rose, gazing at the moon

Its tears silencing my sorrow.


I heard her sing, like a star

Sailing over the wildest foreign land:

It gasps, glides and glimmers, it gives

Like a tree, standing forever green

Its voice summoning my love.



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