2013 Chinese eBook Cover Design Contest: First Runner-Up: The Man Who Worked with God


2013 Chinese eBook Cover Design Contest: First Runner-Up: The Man Who Worked with God

The Basics:

About This Book:

Evergreen writer Daisy Chang publishes her first collection of 30 endearing essays, observing Canada as a unique multicultural society while illustrating a great variety of human emotions such as love and nostalgia.

About This Author:

Daisy Chang is a highly achieved Taiwanese writer based in Canada. She was the 7th president of the Overseas Chinese Women Writers’ Association, as well as a member of the Canadian Federal Government’s Consultative Council on Multiculturalism. She was awarded the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada by Governor General of Canada in 1994. in 2000, she was the winner of a prestigious literary award presented by the Writers & Artists Association of Taiwan.

Daisy is an experienced journalist, TV host, certified accountant and business auditor. While working for Revenue Canada, from 1991 to 2000, she had numerous speaking engagements yearly to China on international tax and tax avoidance that were organized by the Chinese Government with funding from the United Nations. She also has over 15 books published, including topics on Canadian immigration and tax planning. The Man Who Worked with God is her first Chinese ebook.

Cover Design Ideas and Development Process:

The cover design of The Man Who Worked with God derived from an essay of the same title that is collected in this Chinese ebook. The essay details how the love of a husband helps his wife get on with life after his death, and it was thought from the start of the designing process that the cover design should convey something like this — a sense of longing, gratitude and everlasting emotional attachment.

Daisy Chang suggested the use of light colors, with “a stroke of heavy color” that grabs the attention of readers. Later she stressed the importance of using something “plain and neat”, with “approximately one-tenth of the cover filled with heavy color in order to enhance a sense of drama”.

The final cover design derived literally from the meaning of the phrase “the man/men who worked with God”. It corresponds with the fundamental theme of Canada’s multiculturalism policies — whatever one’s cultural background, ethnicity or skin color, as long as they are willing to cooperate, they can work together (with God) to shape this world into a beautiful and peaceful home.

Special Note: The cover design of The Man Who Worked with God also took into consideration several drawings by Daisy Chang’s four-year-old grandson, Max. With permission from Max’s family, parts of his drawings were used in this Chinese ebook. Thank you very much, Max.

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