April 24: Ripley (#NaPoWriMo #NaPoWriMo2020 #GloPoWriMo #Poetry)



I know your name, after we’ve met

two dozen times. Memory resurfaces

ripping open your chest, the monster

suffocates you, a silent sarcastic stalker

bleeding acid, precise and poisonous,

snaps and spits. You take the plunge

through fire, fury and fear, footsteps

quietly committed, torch in hand.

Longing to share your grit, detecting

what’s coming, unwilling to surrender,

fighting the pain searing, sneering, nearing,

aiming for the final blow. Whatever else

I do when nightmares turn to reality

is futile. Be it lucid and vindictive, or

be fictional, with characters courageous

yet cynical, challenging but cathartic?

Foolish, I confess, my stasis prolongs

as you awake from dreamless furnace.


(Image: “Celebrating the Monstrous-Feminine: The Legacy of Alien“, 14 East Magazine)


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