April 7: Application (#NaPoWrimo #NaPoWriMo2020 #GloPoWriMo #Poetry)



I’m applying for your advertised position.

I have considered the selection criteria,

and the personal traits you believe

an ideal candidate should possess.

I’m confident I have these qualities,

and the expertise that will benefit

the advancement of your life and career.

I’m capable of managing your trust,

directing you toward the best horizons.

I’d welcome an interview to further explore the match.


Thanks. Your application was impressive.

Unfortunately, in this instance

it was unsuccessful. In assessing it,

I have considered how this position will impact

my personal development, as well as yours.

I am thus convinced, a partnership

consists of two parties in equal footing,

working together, rather than one steering the other.

I appreciate you taking time to apply.

Please seek other employment opportunities.


(Image: Write a winning job application)


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