“Exploring Global Markets with or as a Professional Translator” Workshop (@Writers_Vic))


If there’s any chance you’ll be in Melbourne, Australia, on October 5 (Saturday) this year, please consider coming to my workshop “Exploring Global Markets with or as a Professional Translator“. The workshop will run from 10am to 4pm at Writers Victoria, a not-for-profit incorporated association supporting and connecting Victorian writers at all stages of development. You can register for the event here.

I have long wanted to share with others, my knowledge and insight as a translator for more than twenty years. I believe translation as a profession deserves better recognition than it currently receives, as there are still widespread myths such as the seemingly unavoidable “superiority” of machine translation and the naive and false confidence that anyone who knows two languages can be a good translator.

There is also the popular but equally false view that translation is and should remain cheap, that translators don’t deserve much respect because they are just “repeating” or “transcribing” a piece of writing from one language to another. Such misunderstanding contributes to the negligence of some writers to seek and adequately pay for the kind of quality service that only professional translators can provide. But the most damaging, as anyone in the translation industry will admit, is the kind of cut throat competition that many amateur translators offer in order to grab some quick bucks.

To help overcome these problems, I aim to help aspiring translators as well as traditionally and independently published authors understand how words are transformed and given new life from one culture to another. Translation is an art, but there are tricks of the trade to learn in terms of capturing and conveying an author’s “voice” accurately, fluently and gracefully.

Particularly in this era of global communications and trade, not only authors but also literary agents and publishers need to appreciate the importance of working with professional translators in order to engage international markets. Professional translation is rewarded with readership, but even the most “ordinary” readers curse at poor translation and whoever published it. i.e. Whenever a poorly translated book enters a market, it is the author and the publisher who suffer the consequences, not the translator who did the work but is so often ignored.

My forthcoming “Exploring Global Markets with or as a Professional Translator” workshop is made possible thanks to Writers Victoria. I also want to mention some of the workshops I have participated in recent years, from which I gained great insight into developing and delivering workshops in different styles. These include Writers Victoria’s “Running Writing Workshops” workshop for women and non-binary writers of colour (September 2018) and “The Art of Criticism: Giving and Receiving Feedback” workshop (January 2018), Film Victoria’s “Storytelling in VR” workshop (May 2018), Trade Victoria’s “Victorian Women in International Business Pan Asia Export Training Workshop” (January 2018), and Melbourne Writers Festival’s “Masterclass: Translation” event (September 2017).


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