#AuthorsforNepal: Help Nepal AND Promote Your Book



*** Help to raise funds for Nepal AND have your book translated, published and promoted in the Chinese World! ***

Following the tragic earthquake in Nepal, author Julia Williams (@JCCWilliams) and her fellow authors and helpers are organising a fundraising campaign. Anyone and everyone involved in publishing is asked to help raising money for the devastated people in Nepal.

Here is their Facebook Page. You can follow and retweet their cause via Twitter, using hashtag #AuthorsforNepal. There are also plenty of publishing and writing related goodies for your generous bidding here on eBay UK. Please go and support them!

For Nepal, via my website eBook Dynasty, I am donating the translation, publishing and promotion of an English-language title as a Chinese ebook. More details are listed below, or you can go straight to eBook Dynasty’s bidding page HERE. Please help to spread the word. More support is needed for the people in Nepal.

Sincerely, Christine Sun, Manager, eBook Dynasty


Intro: eBook Dynasty, a subsidiary of Australia’s Solid Software Pty Ltd, is a publisher of Chinese ebooks and print books based in Melbourne, Australia. Officially established in June 2012, we help all English-language authors, agents and publishers to translate, publish and promote their titles as Chinese ebooks and print books. Our motto is “Independence in Writing, Freedom in Publishing”.

Details of Donation: For Nepal, eBook Dynasty is donating the translation, publishing and promotion of an English-language title as a Chinese ebook. For an average 50,000-word title, this donation is wroth US$800, i.e. translation fee US$500 (US$0.01 per word x 50,000 words) plus US$300 for editing, formatting, multiple ebook formats conversion (MOBI, ePUB & PDF), cover design, web pages design, and promotion via our online ebook store and a wide range of social media platforms in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English (which include Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr, Pinterest, our WodPress blog, our two blogs in Taiwan, and our micro-blog in China’s Sina Weibo, as well as our e-newsletters and catalogue).

We will do the work even if your title has more than 50,000 words. Any genre will do. The promotion will be for a period of five years as designated in the Chinese ebook publishing contract, which the author will approve and sign. All rights remain with the author, who is encouraged to promote and sell his/her Chinese ebook in every channel possible. Please note that 80% of the proceeds from the sales of the Chinese ebook will go to the author as royalties.

More details about eBook Dynasty’s publishing operations can be found in our “For Authors” page. All questions should be directed to contact@ebookdynasty.net.


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