#AtoZChallenge: P is for Procrastination and Pressure



I am certain that procrastination and pressure are twins. They are like that pair of mythical creatures sitting on our shoulders — one tells us to let it go while the other urges us to keep it up. It is interesting how often we just stand back and let them fight. Even more interesting is the confusion — which one is the angel?

What intrigues me is how much pressure we can take before we finally stop procrastinating. To many people — me included — it has to be self-imposed pressure, which is far more dynamic and forceful than that coming from others. Only when pressure comes from us can it ever have a chance to counter procrastination, for the latter is born and exists only within us. Indeed, we are the only one who can make ourselves procrastinate.

We cannot survive without pressure. It is particularly good for writers who want to have their writing done. With that said, in recent years there are increasing calls online and in real life for us to procrastinate. It helps us wonder when we wander.

Again the question: How much procrastination is enough? At what stage of the writing process do we need to control ourselves from roaming around? My own experience shows that about half-way to two-thirds in, when I become aware that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I tend to let down my guards — when the writing becomes a destination instead of a journey. Then it is time for discipline to kick in and push it through.

On the other hand, only on very rare occasions did procrastination have an impact on my arrival at the destination… It was wonderful when it happened and gave the writing a totally different yet awesome ending.

How about you? When do you feel like procrastinating, and when do you start pressuring yourself?


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